A Couple of Good Close Up Shots Today

Hive building in strength very well over the last few weeks - Am feeling very ready for my Flow Hive in Dec!
Lots of pollen coming into the hive and a lovely warm day.


Sensational shots…

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They are simply beautiful creatures

It’s beautiful to see those pollen sacks are identical to each other.

Lovely shots, well done :slight_smile:

@GlennM What camera are you using?

Hi Valli,
I have an iPhone 6splus.
For these particular shots I actually take slo mo video which I then edit and clip single frames.

It is really simple and doesn’t need any special editing tools if you have a Mac.


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Wonderful things iPhones. My old mind boggles at modern technology.
My little phone has more capacity than the first huge desktop iMac (the size of a small old fashioned television) I bought my daughter in 1997


Great pix’s ! Love the lighting angle with the sunlight illuminating thru their wings. What camera n lens power ? You must have been using a very high speed n open F-stop to keep the useful depth of field. Nice to have this new digital age. I grew up using the old B/w film then color … Now moved on to digital era n learning curve. Again … Great shots …

Keep them coming Bro,

I see my answer about the camera :wink: our new phones do amazing capicity. Great pix’s !

Ohh Wow this looking really very nice.