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A Fresh Newbee from Russell Island, please help me, this is so exciting


Hi to all , this is so exciting, I want to learn al about it, Im a struggling single dad on Russell Island Queensland, How can I get into bee keeping. I rent a room on 3 acres water front, with my 3 year old son. My landlord has agreed to give me space to put in bees to help the fruit trees and mangoes pollinate. Ive always wanted to do bee keeing, but the traditional way is so labour intensive and expensive. Could I please draw upon your experience and knowledge to get me started. We live in on a rural block, with many established fruit and mango trees, hundreds or acres of natural bush within 3 meters of our property.last season the crop were almost none due to no bees. The area is an old farming area, and no farms running anymore, so I woul imagine none or very little pestisides in area. Please please help and guide me, this is such an amazing and exciting methid of bee keeping. And Im sure I could round up many from the local comuunity as well…


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Hi Mark,
There are a couple of Beekeeping clubs in your area. Take a look at the following link to see which club might be best for you. This is the best place to start for getting up close and personal with starting a life with bees.


Interesting thing on ABC Australian Story tonight about Australian invention The Flow Hive. Jon