Hello from Brisbane, Australia

Really interested in geting into back yard bee keeping.
I’ve been feeding local birds for some time and think the idea of bee keeping wouyld be in line with my love of nature.

I was thinking of the Flow Hive Classic as a starter.

As it is Autum here in Australia, what was be the best time to start?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. If you are interested in starting beekeeping now would be a good time to gain knowledge before the season starts in spring. Do lots of reading and research on the topic and define what you want to get from it.

WARNING! Beekeeping can be addictive so if you can’t afford an addiction there are other ways of helping the local pollinators.

If you are happy to begin, order your gear and prepare your boxes during the winter, find a local place that sells nucs ( you may have to pre order those before spring) and you can begin next season.

Good luck with your journey.

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Thks Karby

I seem to be on a steep learning curve. To say it’s interesting is an understatement.
Loving it too. Watching what I can on Youtube, mostly from this channel, and learning a lot.

Ok, watching the videos on Flow was too much… i just ordered the FH2+ with the Smoker and Suit.

Can any one advise me on the best person to contact regarding a Nuc around brisbane?

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I can highly recommend Two Busy Bees at Geebung for a Nuc.
I bought my first from them, and paid a bit more for them to show me a bit about it and install it.

I’m at Banyo. I’m still learning but I’m sure you’ll have great success.

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Sounds like you’re keen, Daz. Join your local club and go to the meetings. They might still have field days (hands on time with bees) before it gets too cool. Be wary of YouTube. Some practices in other countries may be illegal here or at least against the Biosecurity Code of Practice. There’s plenty to learn and prepare for your first colony in spring. Have fun.

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@Nathan_Brisbane thanks, i went to their website. looks like theyre out of bees atg the moment but left a notification to let me know when they have some.

@aussiemike thanks, i’ve mostly been watching the Australian youtube .
i’ll look for a local club. i think there is one in my area.

The Northern Beekeepers Association is near you.
I’ve joined but haven’t been able to get to a meeting yet.

Thanks Nathan.
I’ll give them a call

Bee Keeping Suit, Smoker and Hive tool arrived yesterday, I see from the tracker that one delivery is in Brisabne and the other is on it’s way.
Partner and I are now really geting excited.

Once the hive arrives, i’ll egt it ready, sety up the site and then wait for a Nuc.

During that time, doing a lot of reserach and the on line course.

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Continuing the discussion from Hello from Brisbane, Australia:

Flow hive arrived on Friday.
Been making it up and making it mine over the weekend.
Just need the final coat and I’ll get it in to position


Wow! That is gorgeous!!! I love the carving, truly fabulous



Thank you @Dawn_SD, looking forward to geting started.
Son’s geting me a base to sit it on

Wow. Did you carve or laser etch?
Beautiful and unique.

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CNC carving. had some fun :slight_smile: