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New to the bee world


Hi guys,
I’m new to all this bee keeping stuff and I’ve been watching flow hives for a long time now and I’m almost at the point where I have enough cash to follow through and ordering a hive.
I’m not 100% where to get a queen from and i cut a pepper corn gum back yeasterday and these guys turned up to eat the sap I’ve included a pic can you tell me which species of bee they are because I don’t want to kill them off in my area by getting different bees that are more aggressive and will kill them.
Hopefully you could shed some light as I just want dot my i’s and cross my t’s before I continue


Hi, they look like common Honey Bees. My neighbour cut down a Norfolk Island Pine and the bees have been collecting the sap for weeks now. You can see in your photo they have packed the sap into the pollen baskets on their back legs. I can’t imagine if you get bees that there will be any problem and they should co-exist fine and “share” resources. As for getting a queen and bees I would advise contacting your local beekeeping club or group and perhaps advertising through them.


Cheers for that mate,
I’m happy these guys shouldn’t get wipped out.
I’ll track down someone at Beechworth honey or Chiltern honey see if they have a queen for sale and some books for study.


You need more than a queen to start a colony, you should be looking to buy a nuc. If you are in Australia it’s getting too late in the season to purchase, but you should be putting yourself on waiting lists for next year now.


Buy your books watch YouTube over next month, if still keen buy your gear order your nuc, paint, setup and get ready for arrival of nuc in spring. I have only been at it for a year with bees arriving last sept. I am in Adelaide so a bit warmer weather than you, not rocket science but I have got 34 kgs of honey this summer