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Accidentally moved hive


Hello everyone,

I’m new to beekeeping and have been lurking around here for a while. I’m enjoying the conversations. I searched for this question and didn’t find it. If someone has an existing link please share.

Yesterday I went to inspect my hive, I tried to remove the top brood box but instead both the top and bottom brood boxes moved several inches sideways, leaving an opening. I managed to move it back so that the is hanging 1 - 2 inches off the back of the bottom board, essentially creating two entrances. I also sustained several stings when I did this, the ladies were very upset by me moving their home, obviously. I stopped trying to fix the problem I created and retreated in the house until they calmed down.

Should I be concerned by there being two entrances, one in front and one in the back? The girls are protecting both entrances. It’s been in the high 80s, low 90s here, if that helps.

Thank you all for your help in advance.


Just suit up, get your smoker and shift it back, then (if they are not too upset) continue with your inspection. I don’t think you want two entrances.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy beekeeping!


Thank you Sting - how long do you think I have to fix the problem? My suit comes on Monday. I have a smoker. Let’s just say I rescued this hive and am learning the hard way. :wink:


Hello, As Sting said. Get the old smoker smoking n get your hive tool (s) ready. Take your time n slowly move it back to the original way. Best not to have front n back access. Also too much entrance for the girls to guard n protect.

Trust me … If that’s the worst thing to happen your just darn lucky. It’s just a learning curve n not big deal because your getting it Back Right !

Have a great weekend !

working on making a top “quilt” to help reduceoisture during our Seattle wet juicy winters.


Time to take a concrete pill and get that hive back on its base. Give it a good smoke and just do it.



Well Rob, how’d it go ?? Not so bad … Right ?! Hey … You get some time n a camera please give us a pix or two of your girls n their neat house/hive. I enjoy seeing others hives, trees, bushes, n surroundings. Can’t afford to travel n my wife has M.D. so have to stay near home n take care of my sweetheart n now my bees, chickens n garden now.

If Vera would still be healthy enough I’d be off to the Cascade Mtns this week backpacking.

. Here’s a pick of where I’ve hiked for last 50 plus year. It’s beautiful n awesome. Love seeing the highland bumblebees n other insects pollinating the wild rhody flowers n other high Alpine flora.

Take care n keep us clued in how your doing with your girls :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:.

Cheers n ta ta,


P.s. Getting one of my new pollen traps ready to go under my new Flow-hive.


G’day Leigh, if I was you, I’d wait til Monday. It wont make that much difference having two entrances for a couple of days. I guess if you wanted to, in the meantime you could reduce both entrances after a little bit of smoke. If you could do that without upsetting them, that would be good. I found a hive using two entrances the other day. Only because the back of the bottom board got a bit rotten & the bees chewed another entrance. I will fix it but I’m in no hurry. When I get a round tuit.


You could use a plank of wood to cover the 2nd entrance, or material


Thanks all. You’re so responsive and make me feel a little less anxious about this. I put a 2x4 at the back where the hive is hanging over the bottom board. It reduced the entrance most of the way but the girls can still make it out. So I put some grass clippings on the board in an attempt to keep the cracks closed. The dang girls moved the grass out of the way! I’ll attempt to put everything back to normal as soon as my suit shows up.

In other news, it was close to 100º in Denver yesterday so most of the ladies spent the day outside the hive anyway. I’m thinking of setting up one of those mister systems for them for our really hot days. And maybe one for me as well!