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Adaptor board and how it works


Calling all experienced bee keepers!

Hi I’m new to this lovely world of bees :honeybee:

I pick up my bees in two days and they are on Nacka LN frames. If I can’t do a cut out I will need to make an adaptor board between the current hive and my langstroth deep.

How does it work?
Will they just start to move into the new hive?
I live in Sweden and although we are having a late summer, fall is not that far away.
Should I keep the two boxes until spring or will they have too much room?

Nothing is a straight forward answer I know, but would love to hear your experiences and knowledge :blush:



They will if the existing box is at least 80% full and you still have a good nectar flow.

I am not quite sure what your setup will be. If you intend to have 2 brood boxes, then if they do not start to use the second one by the end of August, I would take it off. I do not think that you will be able to use the Flow super with the plastic frames this season, as you are starting very late in the season.


Hi Dawn!

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I pick up the hive ‘nuc’ tomorrow, so I’m not sure how full them are yet without checking. They were a split made in early-mid June, and the queen is laying.
The seller has them in the LN hive on 10 frames that she said I can keep until I work out how to move them.
Should I wait to add the langstroth and adaptor once they are over 80%?
I was thinking to have just one brood box originally however now that I have the other hive I’m wondering if it’s best to keep the two brood until the spring so they have enough stores for winter.

Yes absolutely the flow frames will stay in the cardboard box they arrived in until next year. It’s been a real struggle to find bees in my area, so I’m just happy to have finally found some to purchase :blush:

Very grateful for your advice, thanks and have a great day :honeybee: