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Adding a Flow Hive super to established colony


Hello. A couple months ago I was given a colony of bees, which are currently living in two deep 10-frame Langstroth boxes. I would like to add a Flow Hive super (Classic Cedar 7-Frame), but - will my flat top roof fit correctly on the new super? It looks like it might not sit right because of the knobs on the removable wood top bar…



You are absolutely right. There are several solutions. One is to use several inner covers/crown boards, stacked on top of each other until the knobs clear the roof. Another is to put a very shallow box or two (often called an Imirie shim) on top of the inner cover but under the roof. Here is a very thin one:

A third (least desirable) is not to worry about the skew, and when you come to harvest, just prop the lid up during the actual process.

You could also nail a couple of wood blocks inside your roof to lift it up, if it is the telescoping type. If you have a migratory cover, that will definitely not work.


Thats what I do… just prop it up on some wood so there is enough of a slant backwards to allow the honey to drain.

You could add a riser, such as the type used for a migratory lid, you can buy the parts at most beekeeping supply stores.