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Gabled roof for 7 frame flowhive


I purchased the 7 frame flowhive that just included the box and the frames. I don’t see where to purchase just the gabled roof. Does anyone know where I can get one?


Hi Bob,
I think it only comes with the full kit. Where are you located? I made my original Flow hive 7-frame gabled roof and now I buy them from a local beekeeper supply store here in Australia.



I am in Texas. A normal hive lid does not fit correctly and allows the bees out the back.


Hmmm… OK, not sure why that would happen, an inner cover and then the roof may help. An alternative is to send a mail off to the team and see if they’ll let you purchase a roof. https://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3


Ok, thanks. I will contact them.


a standard lid should fit- and bees shouldn’t be able to get out the rear? Do you have the little cover for the flow key slots? I don’t see why you won’t be able to use a standard lid?


Which beekeeper supply is that? I need 8 frame box roofs.


Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies just north of Sydney.


The gable roof only comes with the full Flow Hive so I suspect you bought only the Flow Super.
A standard 8 frame migratory roof will fit onto a 7 frame Flow Super as I have those lids on my flow supers and they fitted exactly.
Another option to to make a migratory lid, it is a bit of basic carpentry and buying some thin sheet of gal. metal from a local hardware store. I think the plans would be found on the net if it is not in this forum. Adjust the frame to the size of your flow super if it is not right for some reason, but double check your measurements.


I have one of these for my hive which has a Flow super and a flat roof. It works perfectly:



That may work. Part of the problem I have with a standard cover is that it overlaps over the top where the flow frame tool is inserted to release the honey. I have to remove the top to get to the slots.

Also, the handles on the small slot cover prevent the cover from coming down all the way. Maybe others have experienced the same issue.



Thanks Peter. I will look into that.


Not with that inner cover. It is 2 inches deep. It works on my hive with a flat roof and Flow super, honest! You can easily remove the key access panel, when you can’t with a standard inner cover. I love it. I would take a photo to show it to you, but I took my supers off a couple of weeks ago at the end of our season.


That’s extraordinary timing, well, it would be here @Dawn_SD. July would be the height of summer at your place. Your foraging season seems very short, but it’s probably short and fierce.
I also think that with an inner cover, the flow key access should work fine with about any roof.


Do you sometimes call a standard cover a telescopic lid Bob and is that what you are referring to? A migratory lid (as an alternative) fits on a Flow hive super without covering the rear key access strip and doesn’t touch the handles, It sits on top.


From what I’ve read a standard cover in the US is a telescopic one with an inner cover. Migratory lids, which are the norm here, don’t seem to be used there for some reason.


They are used. Just it is mainly commercial beekeepers who use them here. The reason being that you can pack hives side-by-side on a truck and move them around for pollination. With that in mind, you can see that US migratory lids have the lips which hold the lid on at the front and back. That means that the back lip would still be in the way of the Flow key access panel on @BigBadBob’s hive. :blush:

My solution is the bestest! :smile:


Not arguing with your bestest solution Dawn just pointing out that lids here are different to yours over there. Technically your migratory lids are still telescoping at the front and back. :wink:
These are our ‘standard’ lids which don’t foul on the key door handles.


Yep, yours are the bestest. We just have to make do with Murican… :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So I had to google murican and think it’s like straya.
Not bestest jus saying our straya would work opposed to your murican ones. :slight_smile: