Additional Brood Boxes

I have a WRC full flow hive, but I’m in a cold climate and I need a second brood box. How might I get one that matches the hive? What are the specific dimensions (imperial if possible) of the included brood box? Is there going to be an option in the future to buy a flow hive with two brood boxes?

The dimensions are probably good enough for now, so I can find a compatible box elsewhere. I think I k ow who manufactured the hive in the US, so I was planning to go there if I could verify the dimensions (without assembling and measuring my hive).

Thank you!

Try " " in Oregon. They also manufacture the Flow so the extra brood box matches

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Hi Joel,

I agree with Gerald, you need to order from, as they made the wood parts of the Flow hive. Their customer service is extraordinary.

@beethinking is the owner/founder of the company, and he has recently posted on this forum that they are changing their box design to match the Flow exactly - same dimensions, same number of screws etc. So you can safely order one of these and know that it will match your hive:


Thank you! I just called them and ordered another box. I still think it would be a good option for orders on this site.

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