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Where can I purchase brood boxes?


So now that we are getting upgraded boxes I am wondering if it is possible to add more deep boxes to our order. I can see wanting to run at least 2 brood boxes with the flow frames. Is this something we can add to our order so they all match? I wasn’t worried about it when I thought they would be pine boxes because I was likely going to paint them anyway. But now I will probably stain them, and It would be nice for them all to match.

I have a Classic 6 Frame Flow hive and want to get an additional brood box for it here in the UK. WHat size do I need to buy to match up perfectly with the Flow hive?
Adding a 2nd Brood Box, Kansas City, USA

I am in the same frame of mind as well. Would be good to add another brood box in WRC to match the flow box. The only problem I can see is that the full hives are made based on an 8 frame lang. If you ordered a 10 frame lang size (ie 7 flow frames) with box like I have I am not sure they make 10 frame brood boxes in the WRC. Also thankyou very much for the upgrade of the indiegogo orders. Thats fantastic news!


Yes great question, a second matching brood box would be great.
Is there any way to order one to suit the full flow hive flow team?


A few people have been posting that their hives are shipping from BeeThinking.com out of Oregon. There has been no mention of a official announcement/partnership between honey flow and bee thinking but I speculate that the Flow team is using Beethinking to manufacture their WRC hive bodies. I plan on ordering a deep WRC body from them to add to my brood chambers.


There is a whole topics worth of discussion on whether to run single or double brood boxes.


Along the same game plan I want a shallow box for a quilt. Unfortunately they don’t offer a quilt box and suggest the 5’ deep shallow that could be ripped and converted. But I figure ordering from them will get me the same wood and quality. When/if I want more deeps for brood I will order them from @beethinking as well.


You could use the telescopic lid as a quilt, just ask them not to put the tin over the top. This is what I used in Australia. Otherwise as you suggested with the 5’ hive body and cut it in half using a jig-saw, then you’ll have 2 quilt boxes… just a suggestion


OK, No laughing at me, but I am not sure I would like how the lid looks! But it is a good idea. Sadly, the shallow supers are not the only shallow thing in this equation (ツ)


Hi Sara, this is what I did and have to say to works like a charm. Condensation in the hive was such a problem that the top of the frames went black and there was mold starting to grow on the wax in the super so I had to act. I have since replaced the bark with sawdust and weekly I lift the lid and either replace the wet sawdust or move it around with my fingers to distribute the wet dust more evenly. The material stapled to the bottom is some type of breathable cotton but you could use any natural material as long as it breaths.


Bee Thinking does carry a western red cedar deep on their website. I for one will be adding that to my flow hive in the Spring. They have an 8 or 10 sized box, assembled or unassembled. Looks really nice.

Once you have them all done with tung oil, I bet it looks like they were made for each other.


Diane, thanks for the info - I ordered another box :slight_smile:


I am sure you will like the match. Fewer screws than the Flow, but they are still very sturdy.


Note that we are in the process of changing over our own boxes to match the screw layout and dimensions of the Flow brood boxes. We’re just finishing up the last of our inventory and then they’ll match exactly.


Very nice, but not essential - I am sure that the bees won’t care at all! You guys pay great attention to detail, thank you for that.



Oh I’m confident it’s not the bees that care, but their human counterparts! I just want people to be aware that the dimensions may be slightly different (1/6"ish width difference) and the screw layout different, but otherwise the boxes are from the same material and will look great with your Flow hive.


Well then should I cancel my order and wait or is this a “close enough for horseshoes” situation?

I’m sure I’ll be pleased at any rate :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I got a few medium boxes myself. I’m glad to know that Bee Thinking is the same company that is making the woodenware for the Flow. Spring will be here before we know it!



To me it’s close enough. If you want 100% identical boxes, however, I’d wait until I confirm the old stock is gone.


I can tell you that the whole team at BeeThinking want you to be happy. It is not like dealing with one of the mega-huge bee supply companies. If you are not happy, they want to fix it. So… I would suggest, keep your order in, I think you will love it, if you are not happy when it arrives, contact them right away. Their customer service is among the best I have ever had, and they will do the right thing for you.



AGREE :slight_smile: beethinking are great people. They also let me know of the boxes design change, They want you to be happy. My understanding the Dim’s are just slightly different as well, just by an 1/8" or so. They are exact in knowing what they are doing and want you to have boxes that will line up just they way they would want them to work. So if they are suggesting wait a few weeks, do wait.