Adolescent Bees Orienting Video

It is apparent the Flow Hive’s colony has more bees. Both hives were started at the same time.


Love the soundtrack! :wink:


I’ve been playing with a new camera and software this week so I am still learning.
Thank you for the compliment.

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Please spill the beans… What is the new camera? :wink:

Nikon Coolpix L840.

I picked it up for $169.00 on sale. Nikon had come out with a newer model so old stock was being cleared out.

Has 38x optical zoom!
Look at this:

1 left in stock on Amazon!

Oh wow! Very nice results. You are a master of matching soundtrack to visuals, really nice job. I must fly out to GA sometime and get a tutorial from you.

You hives both look VERY healthy from the activity. I refilled the water near mine today, and noticed that the entrance reducer was out of place. I pushed it back in (it wedges quite tightly), then went to reel the hose in from refilling the water, and put the smoker on its side to extinguish it. I came back to look at the hive entrance 10 minutes later. Would you believe it, the reducer was already half way down the landing board! I guess they DON’T WANNITTT!!! LOL :smile:

Now I have to decide whether to over-ride their teenage behavior, or enforce my will with some small plates and screws… :smiling_imp:


Persistent aren’t they!?
I found my entrance reducer on the ground one day and I thought I had it wedged in there really tight.

Just come to a symposium or summit of some sort at Emory. Make the trip business and fun :slight_smile:

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