Video - Super close ups of the girls!

Got in really tight with the macro lens at 1080p.
There’s a great shot of a bee feeding another (passing off some nectar I assume).
Go full screen at 1080p and enjoy!


That’s another great closeup bee flix. Love the narrow/shallow depth of field you used to emphasize those few bees. I use to use this technic in portraiture. Great job bro ! :+1:


Very nice…:slight_smile: They look happy and healthy.

Very nice shots!

(It is so busy on the landing board! My colonies are relatively small, I think (swarms and swarming), and I’ve never seen it as busy on the landing board).

@CampingLaChassagne I did an inspection the following weekend (3 days later) and found some swarm cells. The bees were multiplying quite quickly - 2 brood boxes plus the (uncapped) Flow Super did not allow for enough room in the hive.

I added an additional regular honey super to relieve the congestion, but will be making a split later today. I may also steal some frames of honey from the brood box. The flow started just after it was added so there are a couple of deep frames of honey taking up brood space.

Our sourwood flow starts around June 10th so hopefully the bees will cap what is in the Flow super before then so I can harvest to make room for that nectar flow. Having to add a traditional super really has negated the purpose of having Flow frames in the first place :frowning:

Ah, you’ve got two brood boxes in your hive. That explais why it is so busy on the landing board. (From what I’ve seen, here in the area, it is not customary to have more than one brood box in a hive).