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Flow hive 2 setup, with hybrid super

Hello and good day,

I want to get a hybrid flow hive, to have both classic and flow frames.

But I’d like to get the hybrid hive with flow hive 2 features. The stand, the bottom vent and trap, flow frames version 2, and other nice qualities that are coming with flow hive 2 full setup.

Basically a full setup of stand, brood box, super box as is in a flow hive 2 with Cedar option, but the super to be a hybrid.

Couldn’t see this option on the website for purchase. Hybrid only comes with classic version of hive (no stand, and other touches of version 2).

Can I get your thoughts please?

I’d be transferring my existing basic hive into that. NSW, AU

Thank you,

@Freebee2 can you assist with this sale enquiry?

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Have you thought of sending an email to info@honeyflow.com and asking them, it might not be available as a package but you may be able to buy as individual pieces.


Thanks, I’ll do that.

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Thanks everyone - yes emailing us is best for product or ordering assistance, while this forum is perfect for beekeeping advice. We look forward to your email Rashid. Thanks all :slight_smile: