Advice on removing unwanted Bees

Looking for advice on this problem.
BACKGROUND: my neighbour has several hives which have made a home in the walls of his weatherboard house over 5 years ago. He is aware of the problem, does not do anything about it, he doesn’t object if I do something about it.

HIVE LOCATION: 1 of the hives is located between wood paneling and a brick extension, so virtually impossible to reach without major structural work. Hopefully photo will attach.

QUESTION: Is there chemical and a technique available that I can access which Bees can engage with so that they can take it back to the Queen to get rid of problem.

I appreciate any feedback, please feel free to suggest any alternative methods of resolving this issue…

There is no product that I know of that they’ll take back to the hive to kill them out. In my area, there are many beekeepers who will help you out by either removing the wood to access them or setting up a trap out, which will take a while and then there will still be the issue of masses of comb and honey and rotting brood in the wall, attracting mice and cockroaches etc. It’s a big job so he might have to pay unless he finds a very generous beekeeper.

What is on the inside of wall? If no major obstacles it is often easier to go in there if wall is sheet rock not plaster. It looks like the old siding will splinter if you try to remove it. I stopped doing cutouts for free because to much work. Another option is the trapout mentioned above. You could trap them out with screen funnel and when there is enough vacuum and use these bees to start a nuc or strengthen a hive. They may or may not stay. Of course it would have to-be far enough away or they will just return. Might be good location to put some swarm traps and just leave those bees alone. Much less work.