Looking for some help to get rid of the bees and hive

In the shed next to my house there are multiple bees in there. We are trying to get some help to get rid of them. Can anyone help us? We live in copperas cove tx.

They could be bees or they could be yellow jackets or other hornets or wasps. I would try to find a local beekeeper. Send them pictures of the insects, the entrance etc. so they can determine what it is (honey bees or other stinging insects). Most people charge for their time.

If nobody here can help you, you have a couple of options. One is to find your local bee club, and ask them if anyone can help. The other is to use a professional live bee removal service like this:

Please be aware that removal of established bees is often difficult and time-consuming. Most beekeepers and businesses will need to charge for their time. The process can also be quite destructive of your property, as walls or flooring may need to be removed and replaced. You will also need to seal up whatever hole the bees found when they built their nest, otherwise you may well get more bees in future.

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You might contact Bob at: Robertntroy@hotmail.com

He’s in the Temple, Tx beekeeping club and will probably know someone that would come try to get them.

You, also, might call Jim Billings 254-760-2053. He’s the president of the Temple Area Beekeeper Assoc.

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