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Alberta Canada beekeepers?


Hi im from Alberta Canada and would like to connect with people who are using this hive in Alberta.


Just getting our Flowhive up and running this year. Waiting for our nuc. We are in Hinton. And yourself?


Im close to Mayerthorpe I haven’t ordered yet. Was there any duty on your shipment?


They are now stocked in a warehouse in Canada so there will be no duty. When we bought it there was no duty either.

I will see if I can find the email from them explaining how they are now stocked/warehoused in Canada.



Cool Im very close to deciding to order just researching the cold weather suitability ect. I was hoping to find someone in Alberta who has over wintered with the hive.


How long until you had delivery.


We received our Flowhive this winter and have it set up and pretty much ready. Unfortunately the beekeeper we were supposed to be getting our first ‘nuc’ from had a lot of winter kill so we are now looking elsewhere for our first nuc to put into the Flowhive.


Hey guys! I’m from Hinton too.


I found packages in spruce Grove but I was wanting to use a nuke as well. Seems the already started hive will be an advantage


Hi Jaders welcome to the thread.


Hey everyone, I’m further south, down in DeWinton, but I really want to bounce ideas off of other beekeepers that are in Alberta since we are so much colder than other places!!!


Hi REBurwell Im no expert but I am willing to help find answers !!


If you find a suppler let mew know please.


I’m getting a package of bees from Scandia Honey. I’m picking them up on Friday. I really wanted a nuc, but like you, couldn’t find anywhere that was supplying them so we went with the package instead.
I believe it is pick up in Scandia though, which is down near Brooks. Quite the haul from your neck of the woods!


I have found a Nuc suppler but it will be the end of next month. He sends bees all over the country. It is close to Barrhead Ill respond to PM with his number. I have ordered the 7 frame flow super as it fits the standard 10 frame commercial hive boxes and the 8 frame brood boxes seem impossible to get. We need two brood boxes here in Alberta


I agree with it being difficult to find 8-frame brood boxes around here. We got the 6-frame flow super (hence the need for the 8 frame boxes). We are getting our package on Monday and will start with the first brood box and I am ordering a 2nd brood box (likely from the states) that will be here shortly.

Good luck! Let’s keep posting how it goes.


Michael here , I am from Black Diamond South of Calgary.
You can order brood box and frames from Beethinking.com in US they make the cedar boxes for Flow here in North America.
There are lots of beekeepers in Alberta that over winter with One brood box and do better than two.


Thanks Michael!!! I’m going to check out that site.

We put our package of bees in on Friday right as it was going dark, it went well, they all went in with no issue, queen walked out of her cage and onto the comb, shut them all up and left them alone for the night.

Then it snowed on Sat, and has been cold and miserable ever since and there were about 50-100 dead bees around the hive the next morning in the snow. I panicked. No more big losses like that, just checked the hive today briefly to ensure they still had food in the feeder and they are all clustered in the drawn comb. Hoping this is normal behaviour for our local bees when it gets chilly!!!


Picked up some locally made 10 frame brood boxes now to wait for the bees and my flow super!!! @DrMichaelC that’s a great site thank you it will be handy in the future. Now to decide how to get the 2 degree angle on the flow super


Thanks for the information on the site! I’m from Edmonton, just setting up 2 flowhives at my parents’ place in Ardrossan. We get our bees on Thursday!!! Super excited/nervous but am grateful for your advice on the site. We need 2 more brood boxes according to the AB Ag course we took, so will be ordering asap! Happy beekeeping!