Bee supplier and introducing bees

Im just starting out and need help to find some bees and how tonintroduce them. Does anyone have any advice for local suppliersnear Birkdale QLD. Greatful for any sdvice thank you.

Hello, and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

You are probably a bit late in the season in your part of the world, but @JeffH might have some ideas for you. He is about an hour away from you, so perhaps further than you would want to transport bees, but he is a really good beekeeper.

Please continue to ask questions, and we will try hard to help you! :wink:

Hi & thank you Dawn :slight_smile:

Hi @Linda_Paterson & welcome to the forum. I can certainly help you with getting started. It could be worth the 1 hour drive. I’m only charging $140 for a good 5 frame nuc placed into your brood box.

PS. For what it’s worth, it’d be worthwhile paying extra to get your brood box full of bees & brood etc., so that the bees will start on the honey frames a lot sooner, rather than later. Bearing in mind that we normally get a honey flow between now & our mild winters.

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