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Amount of honey in frames


Hi, my flow super is about 80% full now and they are starting to cap in some frames. The weight of th box is surprisingly heavy.
Do these frames hold more honey than regular?
Or am I just getting old and weak?


They do. When capped, they hold between 3 and 3.5 kilos. A traditional deep is normally 2.5 to 3 kilos, depending on frame spacing. Plus the plastic is heavier than foundation and drawn comb. :wink:


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Actually there is empirical evidence to strongly link perceived weight as being much heavier than actual weight.
Would seem it is plottable to a percentile line rather than an expected gaussian distribution.
If you get pen and paper out you can see for yourself.
At 20 years of age 1 kg = 1Kg at age 30 1Kg is perceived as 1.2 Kg …at age 50 1Kg is perceived as 1.6 Kg and at age 70 1Kg is now perceived as double (2KG) the actual weight.
I personally believe much more work has to be done on this because my own experience seems to suggest perceived weight is much higher than the figures given.


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HI Busso, I can talk as a 70 y.o. since Dec. I’m inclined to agree with you. I think that the biggest mistake we can make is to sit down in a comfortable chair.


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Here is the link to the faq:

Some people lift out the Flow Frames one by one and put in a super next to the box in case they have trouble lifting all at once :slight_smile:

The cells were originally designed deaper to discourage the queen laying in the Flow Frames. So, they hold more honey per frame than a standard frame.


Calculating my perception at mid 60s!!


I just thought of sharing some interesting facts about my flow harvests.
My hives have queen names, so Maya consistently delivers 2.8 to 3kg of Honey per frame. Tiana always delivers 3.2 to 3.4kg per frame. Queen Lala usually delivers 3.1 to 3.6kg per frame. Lala’s biggest Honey yield was 3.8kg once in frame 2.
Not sure why the differences in Honey yields, but they have all been capped and measured in way below 18% water content, some even below 16.
I extract and measure and taste each frame individually, rather than manifolding it all into one bucket.

  • interesting @Webclan.
    -can you notice any differences in width when they are capped?


Yes. Maya likes to have a little air bubble under the capping. Lala is Italian, the other Carnies.


I’ve found the quantity of honey vary between 2.5kg to 3.5kg. Same frame same hive different time of year. First 3kg, 2nd&3rd 2.5 and yesterday was 3.5kg! I did notice the cells drawn further out than usual.
When I tilted the hive back for extraction the channel filled with honey which was weird. I have solid bb’s so the usual tilt is forward. I’m wondering if it has been sitting in there for a while and whether I need to tilt the hive backwards as part of a maintenance plan.


wow, that is interesting. I’m wondering if an angled shim above the brood but below the Flow super might be the way to go if you have solid bb’s and of course the forward slope? One thing might be to shine a torch down the channel to see if much honey is dripping down during the filling stage. Was it all channels or just one?


same- I have had frames that only have 2.5kg.


Hi Skeggley, I never thought of that in relation to solid bb’s. Maybe a good plan might be to leave your hive tilted back for 24 hours after harvesting the honey, to allow it to drain out of the channel.