Ant protectors and legs for a hybrid frame. If not possible can I configure another frame as a hybrid

I’m ooking at buying my first flow frame and considering a hybrid. Ants are a major issue in my farm so I want ant guards but they aren’t coming up as an option for the hybrid nor is their a stand- why aren’t they available fur the hybrid?

Also, I’m wondering if perhaps I’m I better off to get a flow frame 2 and make it a hybrid myself- if this can be done.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

I would suggest that you ask the team at, as this is a technical question, and most of us here are beekeepers. I am sure that @Freebee2 and her colleagues can answer your question far more competently than most of us could. They can probably put a custom package together for you, containing what you want, if you ask directly.

As I understand it, the Flow 2 has slightly different dimensions from the Flow classic, which probably includes the hybrid super. They are still compatible, but the widths are about 5mm different, which means you may have some overlap between boxes. The overlap is not enough to create a gap, nor enough to be a problem for the bees, but it could be an aesthetic problem for some people. I have mixed the two box sizes (not with a hybrid super, though) and it doesn’t bother me at all. From a distance, it isn’t really even noticeable. My guess is that is why Flow doesn’t offer the hybrid with the Flow 2 stand.

As far as making a hybrid from the full Flow 2 super, it would be difficult to do that. The flow frames form a bee-proof seal across the back of the box, and if you take out some Flow frames, bees will escape when you harvest. Not a good thing… :hushed: You could try to fill in the gaps if you are a carpenter and could cut a new rear cover, but it isn’t something that I would want to attempt. Talking with Flow directly would be much easier!



Hi Karen,

@Dawn_SD is correct that it is best to contact us directly via for any product assistance (and use this forum for beekeeping queries).

Having said that, it is difficult to think of anything I could add to Dawn’s very comprehensive and informative response, aside from actually assisting with your order or something.

Thanks Dawn! And Karen please do email us if we can assist in any way.

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