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Consolidating two Hybrid boxes into one normal and one full flow frame boxes

I have had good results with my first Hybrid so I go another one. This year my results were poor and I am thinking of doing this consolidation. can anyone tell me what to be careful of when doing this and is it a good idea?
Regards Ron

Do you mean you want to merge two hives together?


Sort of Rob. I want to move 3 flow frames to join the other 3 to create one hive and likewise with the conventional frames to create a ‘normal’ hive. Does that make sense?

Looking at my hybrid super, I’d say that would be fine.
But you’d have to cut out the space for the additional flow frames from the extraction side of the box since it will only have the opening cutout for your 3 flow frames at the moment.

Likewise, you’d need to seal up the cut out on the one you want to covert to a ‘normal’ hive so there’s no gaps for draft or nasties to get in.

no problem with that at all. Like Ropate said you’ll either need to modiy the box to accomodate 6 flow frames- or buy another box from flow. I also retired my hybrid super and upgraded to the full. I did’t have good luch with the hybrid design.

Thanks for your help Sem on this but I’m more worried about the bees and how they will react?

They won’t give a flying fig. Honestly. They may not accept the plastic Flow frames right away, but if you wax them, or you have harvested from them previously, everything will be alright! Don’t worry. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your optimism Dawn

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