Any beekeepers in Streaky Bay SA, Shoalhaven NSW, Coonalpyn SA without space for a hive?

Bit of a left field post here but I work for a renewable energy company that builds solar farms to generate clean affordable energy on old farming land or waste dumping sites.

In 2022 we’re aiming to get more bush regen for our sites with endemic species of plants. Once the plants are in, next up we’d love to get some happy bees!

We’re hoping our regen plants will attract native bees, and we’ll have pollinator houses set up to encourage them. But we’re also keen to engage with and give back to our local communities.

So we’re putting our feelers out there (bee pun?) if anyone in the Streaky Bay SA, Shoalhaven NSW, Coonalpyn SA areas are an experienced bee keeper, but without a hive or space to put a hive.
Nothing is set in stone yet with an official program but we’re just looking to connect and ask some questions to maybe map out something really cool!