Any beeks in the DMV (metro Washington, DC area)?

Hi all, looking for any folks in the metro DMV area with flow frames. Didn’t someone from DC win a full flow hive?

Check out DC Beekeepers Alliance upcoming bee course if you’re a newbie:

Yes. We got the hive just before xmas. We are still waiting on the Flow frames. And we are already signed up for the DC Beekeepers Course (Mike and Jennifer).

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Awesome & congrats! DC Beekeepers Alliance is an amazing resource & their course is wonderful. What part of DC are you guys? I’m in Trinidad, if you’d like to see my hive setup some time let me know. Get some books and start reading now, lots to learn in your first year.

Hi. I’m in the DMV too, signed up for a class w/ Novabeekeepers starting in Feb.

I’m in NoVa and looking to get a flowhive and bees this spring. I’m a complete novice and have done nothing - will join a club or two and start my research. We have seven acres and are super excited to get some gives going!

Ooh - I’ll take a look at their classes. Maybe meet you in February?

Timoney, if you haven’t signed up for a class yet, it may be hard to get into one now. Novabeekeepers is full, but they do have some links to other classes and online resources.

But maybe we’ll run into each other at the association meetings…

So, I’ve done a bit of research, found some online classes that I’m interested in as the local classes were all full.

I’m about to buy a FlowHive and am wondering how I go about finding bees. Initially, when I thought we would have traditional hives, Ididn’t want to care for the bees myself. I wanted to share my land - 7 acres - with a beekeeper or two. With the flow hive, I feel that I could actually do this myself. It all seems fairly simple… so, where to begin?

Ahhhh. The Flow Frames are just an extraction method. You will still have to keep bees the old fashioned way. If you can’t get on a beekeeping course have you a local beekeeper who might mentor you in your first year?
As for bees, have a google around for a supplier. You need to get that order in now, folk are finding some suppliers already sold out.

Thank you! As I read more and more, I’m seeing that I need to learn more and more! Isn’t that the way?! So, I’m on the hunt now for a beekeeper or two in the area who might be looking for some space…

Hi, my husband and I just got our Flow hive, we’re in NOVA over in Springfield. We just joined NVBA and went to our first meeting! We’re total new to beekeeping so we can’t wait to start. We didn’t get into the NVBA beekeeping classes either so we’re reading all the books we can get our hands on.

Congrats! My flow frames came last week & I put them together. Can’t wait until the nectar flow begins and I can put them on my hives! I think there are more courses in the summer at NOVA.