Any Flow hive owners or wanna "bee" owners in Florida here?

I will be a Floridian flow hive owner in the coming year. Just hoping that there is someone back home that will be experiencing this hive with me so that we can share info together. I know that there is a guy in Georgia that has a few flow frames and is trying them out in a hive he built. So far he has only caught beetles in the one he is using but every experiment takes time so we are waiting on the next video from him.

Ours should be here by October this year and I know of at least one other couple that has one ordered also. We are in Palm Beach County. Looking forward to its arrival as we have a lot of skeptics at our local association, truly hoping to prove them wrong.

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There are a few Florida groups already:

On the top right of the screen there is a search icon, this can be a good way to find people or topics.