New FB group: Florida Flow Hive Community

I’m so far finding little support here in Central FL, so I have created a new group for Florida, USA flow hive beekeepers. I hope to include both new beeks and experienced people too. Please join:
Florida Flow Hive Community.

I’m in Cape Coral FL, I cannot find anyone down this way at all. Any luck with adding people?

Not so far! Feel free to join! I know there’s at least one more near me. I’d like for us to be together virtually if not in real life! Few traditional beekeepers are supportive, so I’d like to share actual experiences.


I have looked under Florida Flow Hive Community in facebook. Cannot seem to find. Should I be looking under something else.

I just thought I would mention that you can just tell other beekeepers you have a Langstroth 8 or 10 beehive.
The brood box is exactly the same, it’s only the harvesting which is different.
When you are starting out, the most important thing will be making sure the brood and queen are happy and healthy, which is what they teach you normally in a bee club.

Here is our new club directory which is slowly expanding :slight_smile:

Looks like that club directory link is broken in case you didn’t know. Was going to see if I had any local clubs listed.

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