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Southern Florida Beekeepers

Any other Southern Florida Beekeepers yet? I’m in SW FL. We are new to bees, but learning quick. My husband is taking a beekeeping course through the local bee group soon. I think we’ve checked out every book our local library has. We had a swarm move into our city water cover. We built a basic hive to save them until our Flow is ready and should be moving them in this week.


im in south east florida in Davie. Nice to hear you got some free bees and will be ready!

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I’m also in SWF. Very new to all this. Bought a box to move some wild bees into it that are living in my friends abandoned trailer. Haven’t tackled the task yet. Considering volunteering to help out other local bee keepers who have a lot of hives to get familiar with it first.
So far all I’ve done is watch my brother who keeps African bees in belize. I want to get hands on. Sounds better than the books I’ve read.


You are on the right track Felicity. Hands on is the best way.

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Our local organization is having an Intro Beekeeping course starting May 30th :slight_smile: My husband is signed up to go. We’re in Lee County. @Felicity Where are you?


Hi guys, I’m in north Miami. I’m very new to this and eager to learn! I did reach out to a local beekeeper for help. Glad to see there are others in the area!

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Hey everyone,

We are in Palm Beach County, we have one established hive now (after a bumpy start) getting ready for out 2nd in the next week or so. Looking forward to getting the complete Flow by the end of the year. We think our first hive will be ready to split by then.

I wish everyone best wishes when you get your Flow and hope you keep us all posted on your progress.

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Hi everyone,

I’m new to Beekeeping and will be taking my first introductory course this weekend. I’m located in Miami, FL

Miss Johnnie- Did you ever receive your Flow? I’m also in PB, and would like to know your opinions of it.


Hi, I live in Dania. Where are you located ?

Hello, Did you ever use the flow hive and how did it work in our area?

Hello, new hobby beekeeper here in palm beach county too, I’ve managed to catch a swarm n got another from my neighbor who is also new to beekeeping.My real passion is gardening as I’m a master gardener thru IFAS and love growing my own food …n well the bees make a huge difference in my little ecosystem, hope to learn alot from fellow beekeepers as I go thru this process. :grin::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: