Any idea what these are?

Hi all, Anyone recognise these ? Just did a low

er tray clean & found these “worms”, possibly larvae ? Probably around 1 to 1.5 cm in length max, (Around half inch ) but do vary down In size. I’ve tried to research them but can’t find anything in pics that really resemble them. We’re in Melbourne, Australia & its currently mid winter so a bit reluctant to open up the hive unless we really need to ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mark

Hi Mark, I haven’t seen any reference to worms such as in your photo in connection to beehives. I wouldn’t suggest you do a brood check in relation to those worms. My thoughts would be to contact an entomologist with the Melbourne Museum to get them to identify those worms, for curiosity sake. My guess would be that they are attracted to the contents in the tray & not the hive itself.


Thankyou Jeff, lets hope your right. I’ll make some enquiries as you suggested & hopefully get an answer. :crossed_fingers: Cheers

No worries Mark. I did that myself once to identify a juvenile Assassin Bug. In my case it was the Qld. Museum & the staff were only too willing to help.

To my mind they look like some sort of meal worms. Do they have a head & feet? I’d love to see how big they grow.

Don’t be put off by thinking that a beetle can’t get inside to lay their eggs because I used to think that about Black Soldier Flies. Then I found out they can lay their eggs near or inside a tiny gap near the food source. After the eggs hatch, the larvae makes it’s way to the food source.

My first thought was mealworms however I couldn’t see why they’d be in a hive so probably not.

Could be wireworms. Do you have much vegetation around your hive?

I couldn’t make out if they had head & legs Jeff as I was more concerned about the disposal of them from the hive. Will keep a close eye on the tray to see if any more appear in the next few weeks

Mmmm, That really does look like the little critters ! Its a good possibility as we have a veggie patch nearby & alot of onion weed currently growing around the area. Thanks for your observation, I’ll look them up now :grin:

Thanks for your reply :grin: Im going to look up the wire worms as the pick looks very similar :crossed_fingers: