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Any Sydney based beekeepers keen to help out at Honeyland Royal Easter Show?


Hi Guys,
Volunteers are needed for Honeyland 2017 Royal Easter Show. Honeyland promotes beekeeping best practice and apiary products at the Sydney Royal Show with four live bee displays per day. This year’s show starts on the Thursday 6th April and finishes on Wednesday 19th April and the NSW Apiarists Association would appreciate your help to promote the industry and sell products.

Volunteers will get the chance to met other beekeepers both amateur and commercial and have a fun day with time off to enjoy the show. You will also pickup some valuable tips on showing honey, wax or Mead. If you volunteer you will get free entry to the show that includes free public transport by bus, train and ferry covered by the city transport network.

The show starts at 9am and finishes at 8 30pm.

Sydney and surrounds beekeepers have made a valuable contribution to Honeyland at previous shows. Should you wish to volunteer please pick the day or days and contact Bruce White email bruceandlynn@outlook.com or phone 96346792 your help would be much appreciated.

Could you please include your name, address, phone and email. The cut out day for volunteers is the 11th March 2017.

Thanking you
Bruce White
Co-ordinator Honeyland 2017


This is something I’d definitely like to do.
If I was in Sydney.
Which I’m not.
Sounds like a good day though.


@skeggley agreed. Pity they don’t have similar at the Perth Royal show.