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Anyone have Top Bar hives in the Bay Area?


Hi everyone,

I’m starting my first hive this month, and have decided to go with a Top Bar hive. I was wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has a top bar hive? I would love to connect and maybe you could answer some of my newbie questions.

I’d also like to get some more experience before I get my package (either on a top bar or on a Langstroth, but I would prefer a top bar), and am wondering if someone would let me come help work their hives? I’m in San Francisco, and am willing to travel around the Bay Area.

Questions I have off the top of my head:

  1. screened bottom board or solid? I’ve read arguments for both, and was wondering what your experience is.
  2. Would you put your entrance at the end of the hive, or in the middle (along the longer side)? Also have read both are correct.
  3. More of a general question, are mites inevitable? It it just something that every beekeeper has to deal with?

Thank you!