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Anyone In LA or San Diego With Frames to Harvest?

Hi All,

Our intrepid Flow film maker Mirabai is currently on the California leg of her Meet The Beekeeper road trip and has interviewed Flow beekeepers right across the U.S.

She will be in L.A and San Diego over the coming week, and if you have a Flow super ready to harvest she would love to come and film.

As an added bonus, as Cedars sister Mirabai has probably been a part of more harvests than anyone, other than Cedar & Stu so she is full of handy tips!

If you have a frame or two to harvest please get in touch with her via: film@honeyflow.com
P.S check out the trailer for the meet the beekeeper series she is filming: https://www.facebook.com/flowhive/videos/954939217937643

Hi… As always great photography … It’s neat to see such a wide cross section of people enjoying their new Flow-Hives !

Got my girls going late on the Flow-super n plus I’m up in the lovely Pacific NW some 20 ms SE of Seattle. Maybe another time if ya get in the neighborhood 2017. I guessing for the sake of my previous honeybees I’ll be returning most if not all “Liquid Gold” back to my “ladies of the fields n flowers”.

We are trying a pollen trap under the girls hive n they are doing very well with this addition. .

Really looking forward to the completed video n seeing more of the “Flow-Family.”

Cheers n Ta ta,

Gearld in Washington state

Crikey Gerald that’s a lot of pollen. Don’t the bees need it?
How long has the trap been on?
I think you should be emptying it daily and freezing it straight away

Wish we could help, but we won’t be harvesting this year - we started with a nucleus in late April, and they are still building up the colony. I bet Hilary Kearney from Girl Next Door Honey will be on film with her Flow frames though… :smile:

Sorry but this season for me is about building the colony, won’t be adding the Flow super until next year.

Let us know when she gets to Australia. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you guys stop by Ohio, let me know. I’m in Toledo Ohio!

Thanks all for your replies. Mirabai has been travelling all over the states for the last couple of weeks. She’s met beekeepers in NY, Oregon, DC, Georgia, Texas and now California. There will be some very interesting videos being released soon.

@Gerald_Nickel what a fantastic apiary and garden!

@ Saadi, thanks for the note n compliments. As I mentioned before … I look forward to a really neat video soon.

I have seen many awesome setup on the forum. It’s been a great tool for learning n sharing too. It’s neat seeing new beekeeper evolve n learn.

Yesterday I was again priveledged to share my skills, bees, garden n more with a Vietnamese family. I also have the priveledged to teach older Vn people Survival English. Here is a couple pix’s sharing myself n resource.

. It’s great to be a Flow-hive owner so I can share my bees n beekeeping with others. The Flow-Frame windows n another Observer hive are awesome tools to introduce n teach others the great things about beekeeping. .

Got to get busy now n do mite count sugar roll sampling here.

Cheerio n Ta ta,