Anyone using Smart Tech to improve their bees, their lives, and overall performance in their apiary?

I’ve been working on a smart I’ve for some time, and would love to nerd out with other people doing the same.

I’d also love to talk with people about what they wish they could have.


Hi @LowellWasHere, I’m running the BroodMinder system in my apiary. Feel free to message me here or directly.

Not using any smart Tech yet- but will love to. Current kit on the market is a bit pricey. Just bought a raspberry pi to try and build my own

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Using a little bit. There are options from full kit to full DIY. I’m using the WiFiScale and wirelesstags. Think about the resolution of data you need, the frequency the data is collected, where you are putting the internal sensors, how you power them/change batteries, how frequently you transmit data and how you store and what type of UI you need.

It is easy to get caught in a swamp of data.


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