HIVE GENIE fundraising on Indiegogo

Good morning all(at least in North America),
I saw a link for this fund-raising effort on Indiegogo in an email from Flow Forums a week or so back.
My hive is just far enough from our house to make the journey to it a bit of a pain, so I really sat up while watching the video about the capabilities of the HIVE GENIE.
I do enjoy visiting and working my hive, but the ability to monitor critical parameters of the hive from the house on the computer seems like a wonderful idea.
I am one of the funders for the campaign because I believe a tool like this will be a great help to back-yard beekeepers like my self, just like the FLOW HIVE campaign I signed up to fund. I think this idea is worth your time and consideration because I’d love to see his campaign reach his goal and add another option/tool to the beekeeping community.
I’m not sharp enough to provide a link, but do a search on Indiegogo for HIVE GENIE and it will pop up.


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