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Is there an app to track hive inspections?


Being this is the age of mobile apps, is there one that you all recommend for tracking notes about hive inspections and brood, queen sightings etc? I’m on android.



I like Hive Tracks - free for the first month, and very cheap after that. :slight_smile:


I have a german app called Bienen Tracker. Quite smooth to handle, you can set up your hives and queens and then just add your current weather data and what you have done that day. You can check off if you have seen queen, brood, queen cells, drones, whatsoever is important to see. You can select which chore or actions you have performed - add box, feed,… - or which treatment you applied. And there’s also a miscellaneous-option, where you can enter free text. So far I think it’s good.


I just found one called Apiary Book. Seems pretty nice. I’ll check out Bienen Tracker too Angora thanks!


I use the elite program windows 1 - Many of you young-uns may not be familiar with called memory and pen’pencil - I have my own spreadsheet actually :grin:


I keep losing pencils… and paper… or notebooks… I lose everything except my entertainment electronics ^^