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April Shipping?


I am trying to plan out my spring season…how likely is it that a Super Flow ordered at the end of February will ship in April as the shop currently estimates?


I love Flow, and I believe in them and their concept. However, I would think it would be a miracle if you got the whole Flow Super in April, assuming you mean ordered in February 2016, not February 2015. :wink:

If you meant 2015, I think the chances are pretty good.

I ordered a full Flow hive in July 2015, with estimated shipping mid February 2016. I am not showing any change to my order status on my account, in other words, it is not “Queued” or “shipped”. I ordered a Flow super in November 2015, with a mid-March delivery date.

I am not at all worried by this. I have made contingency plans and ordered bases, covers, extra deeps and mediums from www.beethinking.com, so I have matching hive parts and can get my honey flow safely stored and harvested even without the Flow super. Any beekeeper knows that it is hard to have too much equipment - you always run short of something, so I didn’t mind spending the extra. Of course I may miss out on the convenience of the Flow design, but I am in this for the long run, not just a one year trial. :smile:



The Flow team and our team are working hard to catch up and are making good progress. While I can’t guarantee anything, there’s a decent chance we’ll hit the delivery date it showed when you ordered.


In case you didn’t know, Matt (beethinking) has pretty reliable inside information. His company is making the wood part of the Flow super, and all of the wood parts of the Flow hive. So he knows a lot more than I do! :smile:


I ordered in April of 2015 and just got my boxes but not the flow frames. I also have planned on the possibility of not having them for the start of the season and have a complete hive ready for my nuc pick up date of May 23rd .


I was an early supporter of Flowhive and my feeling on the most successful campaign is the are over extended. My spring will be here in a month. I have not heard a word on my shipping. As Goldfish stated can we at least get an honest answer as to when the shipping will be,(even if is in 2 months) but to be here on our end is very frustrating. Cant really plan on bee delivery because of this and if it is to late in the season they may not survive the winter. I supported, early, and at least deserve the consideration of some information on deliver. Honest information!!!


Roger, I can see I am not the only one very frustrated with this!


Yes and I understand there pressure but please, give me an honest answer.


I find that quite disturbing…I ordered a full hive in Nov with a Feb delivery date and planned accordingly…I made no contingent plan B as I had full confidence the company were stating a doable deadline…after reading YOUR experience I am very disappointed. My bees are ordered for mid April and if you have not received yours after ordering months before me what confidence do I have of receiving mine before the end of the year…Now I have to either cancel or spend additional dollars on extra equipment I, as a hobbyist, don’t have to spend. I am kicking myself for being so naïve…The worst part is no one at Flow can give any definitive answer…why is that?


We started with a crowdfunding campaign and went from 0 to 20,000 customers in a month, (our $70,000 goal was complete in 3 minutes). We then set up a global manufacturing and distribution system in 12 months, missing estimated delivery dates by only 2 1/2 months despite having enough problems to resolve as to require a full staff working non-stop for months.

All our manufacturing and shipping has been started in this time. The earlier orders - are now being shipped - and as problems/challenges arise - we are solving them. We can’t say the exact shipping dates yet - because we don’t know the exact shipping dates.

All shipping dates were stated as estimated shipping dates.
Our whole company is working with different manufacturers, shipping logistic companies, and the staff in-between to get our customers orders out (there’s about 30,000 now we are processing).

So their is nothing naive about supporting an initiative. It’s just patience and understanding, that we are doing our best to get things done as quickly (and properly) as possible.


Thank you Foroe, I believe this invention is groundbreaking and innovative and has opened a door for many hobbyist which is awesome for the environment. The statistics you noted verify that. Wanting to participate is certainly not naive. What was naive was my having not anticipated such issues for a start up company overseas. patience is not my issue, its financial. I did not contemplate having to come up with a plan B for my ordered bees as others mentioned they had done. Iam glad that the gentleman that I ordered my bees
from has a store and if he calls me and tells me my bees are ready for pickup and I do not have my hive by then I will simply have to purchase one from him.


No worries :slight_smile: You can just buy a brood box (worst case scenario) langstroth 8 deep size, and have it pumping full of bee’s. Some nuc’s come with a box too… depends how you are buying your bee’s.
Then when you Flow Hive arrives you can add the Flow Super directly on top.

Depending where you are in America, and how cold it gets in winter - some actually buy 2 brood boxes, so there is more honey stores for the bee’s over winter.

Thanks for clarifying what you meant. Yes it is hard with money; unexpected costs are always worrying :frowning:

Our estimates so far for April shipping - is that they will run on time - but we just don’t have the exact shipping dates. We are working with both manufacturers to track production vs delivery time-frames to hopefully meet this April estimated ship date.


I find it incredibly misleading to be selling product and leading people to believe it will be shipped anytime soon - Yes I am one of the thousands who ordered almost a year ago and cant get any response about when I will get the rest of my hive. Its bad enough to hear all the criticism about the system, the fact that it costs twice what other bee hives cost, but the “live chat” is NEVER live, and there is no response to emails - I shouldnt say that, I was responded to with wrong information saying my hive would be shipped first of February, No response to any followup emails. None of us want to hear you are working hard. We all had no problem agreeing to a few month delay. but to keep selling to people and promising product anytime soon??? when the rest of us cant even get a shipping date. NOT REPUTABLE. and I can see from Facebook that there are many others not posting to forums with same issues.