Order and shipping

I had seen a lot of complaints pertaining to order and shipping times. Just wanted to put it out there that I ordered the full flow hive. Upon purchase, receipt said mid April for delivery. I received an email showing shipped via FedEx a couple of days ago. Hive arrived today, exactly as FedEx tracking showed. The 16th is about as mid April as you could get. Have not assembled yet, but can’t wait.


When I orderd, it said April as well. My hives showed up in March about 3 weeks ago, but no sign of the flow frames yet.

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Got mine flow hive body in 25Mar16, and got this today:

Your order was shipped via FedEx Home Delivery, and is estimated to arrive April 18, 2016 - April 22, 2016.

The following item was included in this shipment:

1 x Flow Frame Kit - 6 Flow™ Frames - I’m so happy! :grin:

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Yes. I received my email for my flow frame kit shipment. Supposed to be here Tuesday. I’m in central Arkansas, U.S.

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I ordered my complete WRC flow hive in Dec 15 and for an Aussie customer, both the hive and frames arrived together with Aussie Post last week as promised from the start for an expected April delivery. Seems as though they may have now caught up with the huge backlog of orders.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of material, no sanding at all was needed with the laser cutting being spot on and ALL pre drilled holes also being spot on. I have the hive & frames built and I’m in the process of still applying the tung oil. Have not had a close look at the frame parcel but it seems as though everything is in order.

I’m now considering purchasing a second but have until Sept to decide, that’s when our Spring kicks in. :grinning:


Yes it would seem so, I notice the delivery time here in Oz is 2-4 weeks now.
I reckon some well deserved holidays are now in order. :wink:

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My Flow super was almost a month behind, but I wasn’t worried about it, as I won’t need it for quite some time. I have it now though. :wink:


When did you originally place the order?

I ordered a Full Flow hive in July 2015 and received it in March 2016 (estimated Feb 2016 delivery). I also ordered a 6 frame Flow super in November 2015 and received it last week (estimated March 2016 delivery). I am in southern California, and the hive shipped from Oregon. However, the super and frames for the super shipped from Pennsylvania, and both arrived on the same day. With the full hive, the frames were a few weeks behind the wood parts.

I am trying to make an educated guess when my order will arrive. I ordered my flow hive on the 29th of March. It went queued in early April. I have been watching the forum and it seems that the shipping rates have picked up but I was hoping I would get at least the boxes sooner than later. I have brood boxes coming this week in preparation for the bees on the 1st of May.

I suppose I am just excited to get the flow hive system and the experience that awaits.

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I ordered Jan 28th and have not receivd my flow frames. The hive showed up over 3 weeks ago. I wrote customer service today so hopefully I hear something.

Not real worried yet as I have over a month until I need them.

Flow frames cameon Tuesday just as the email stated. Will be assembling everything today after work.

Robert, when did you order? I ordered January 28th. Received the hive in March, have not heard anything about the frames yet.

Wow, you are way ahead of the curve then! I ordered my hive in July 2015, and received it in March 2016 (estimate delivery was Feb 2016). The frames arrived 2 weeks later.

I also ordered a Flow super in November 2015, it arrived last week with the frames on the same day (2 boxes). I think the Flow team are working very hard to iron out glitches, and I am happy with what I have. :wink:

I ordered in late Feb or early March. Once I received shipping notices for both pieces, they arrived exactly as projected. Assembled fully and I’ve put on one coat of tung oil tonight. May be luckier than most, but smooth sailing so far.

Weird that they do not seem to be shipping in order of date ordered.

Where are you located? May be due to customs…

In Pennsylvania, USA

Dang. Not sure. I’m in central Arkansas. Lucky I guess

Hurray! I just got the shipping notice. My flow frames are to be here by the end of this Saturday.