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Flow Hive Delivery Updates


Hi to all,
Like many I am eager to receive the Flow Gear. Having purchased the full kit, with an expected delivery of Dec 2015, I am keen to arrange the purchase and delivery of a nuc for installation in a hive ideally in late spring/early summer. Where I live, these have to be ordered well in advance and I do not ant to commit if there is likely to be a delay in delivery.

Is it possible for confirmation of expected delivery schedules for the various options to be published, and updated as they change, here on the Forum.




Hi Bernie, we are all hands on deck to get our early birds, early deliveries out in mid June, its looking on schedule so far… so much still to do but on track!

As I’m not sure when you ordered, the 4 main delivery dates were:
June 2015
Sep 2015
Dec 2015
Feb 2016


Are you doing deliveries in order of purchase? I was about 31st to order a Complete Flow system but I ordered and extra Full Flow Super at the end?

I assume the OS deliveries are sea mail??

My original order said Sept 2016 I assume that was a typo


Can you send us your email address you used to order through Indiegogo or your order number to info@honeyflow.com. Then I can look up your order for you.


Thanks Yari. When I ordered delivery was set at December 2015. I guess what I am asking is…does this mean delivery BY Dec 2015 or delivery IN December 2015?




I logged in to check my order and it confirms the order, but not the delivery date. I was told 12/15 in an order confirmation email during the campaign. Is there more detailed info available?


I’m in Dec 2015 as well. Being in Australia, our Spring starts around September, so I’m planning to get a brood box going then anyway. It’s a bit of extra cost, but I figure that if it all goes well, I’ll want two brood boxes or a second hive, so having the extra parts won’t matter and will give more flexibility.

So I’d recommend you order your nuc and be ready to set up a brood box if the bees arrive before the flow hive. If you can get a decent colony built up, you’ll be ahead of the game when the flow hive is available.


@Valli yes we are doing our deliveries in order of purchase, apart from the 2 premium hive winners which are first of the factory floor :wink:

So if you got in nice and early, then you will be in our first run of about 500 which are going out in roughly 2 weeks time! Keep in mind the shipping dates were estimates, there was so much we didn’t know (such as beating our target of $70k by several thousand percent!) but its actually looking very very good to get them sent on time.

If you want to check your order as @greekbecky suggests you can login to https://www.honeyflow.com/user/orders , I just had a look and it is missing the est. shipping date, we will update this on Monday for you all.
Or email our wonderful support team (thanks @Faroe) http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 and we will have a response within 24hrs on business days.

@Bernard_Eddey no problem, its estimated delivery IN December 2015, we will try to get them out before then if we can of course, and will keep you updated.

The factory has just started production here in Australia, so once the first orders go out in June we will have a better idea of exactly when items will ship and update you all then.

Thanks for all your support!


I was having similar thoughts, i.e. establish a brood prior to the Flow arriving. I am unsure as to how long a brood can be maintained without a super. I am planning on joining the local association and doing a short course TAFE, hopefully that will provide some guidance.


Good idea, have a look in Novice or beginner bee keeping
There’s lots of information about starting broods, etc :smile:


This is going to be my Christmas present :slight_smile: Dec/2015 :honeybee:


lol! When I clicked on the link I was greeted as “Hi Anonymous!” It evidently is my user name and my full name is listed as my last name. I think someone was tired when they keyed that in :joy:
I could not find a shipping date but I made 2 Early bird perks: the 3 frame light and the box. when I nmade the box purchase it was listed as an 8 frame. Now the description says to choose 8 frame or 10. I don’t want to get the wrong box. Who do I notify tbhat I want the 8 frame box for my 3 Frame Light?
Thank You