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Aussie scientists need your help keeping track of bees, please

…Of more than 20,400 known bee species in the world, about 1,650 are native to Australia. But not all bees found in Australia are native. A few species have been introduced: some on purpose and others secretly hitchhiking, usually through international trade routes.

As bee researchers, we’ve all experienced seeing a beautiful, fuzzy striped bee buzzing about our gardens, only to realise it’s an exotic species far from home…

Thanks mate for sharing that. I do use iNaturalist, and must use it more often. Here in WA you can also download an app from the Ag Dept, called My Pest Guide, and take photos and report any suspected pest. They are very good and they always report back to me, sometime identifying species that are actually endemic.

I never heard of that website - Australia’s Science Channel, thank you.

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