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Australian Shipped Package Bees - wanted - supplier of package or nucleus


Hi Lana, the combs in the nucs should have sufficient stores. The bloke your buying the nucs from will no doubt see to that. As @Rmcpb says, there’s no need for the grass around the entrance. Also the bloke your buying to nucs from will probably have some good advice for you.


I love this forum. Thanks jeff! Shall listen to the experts. And you too Rob! Keep you posted on how we go!


Take any thoughts you have! Really appreciate you taking the time to help!


I drove from Wales to my place (West Midlands) a several hour drive - air con on the whole way and got them out of the car as soon as I stopped - let them settle briefly and then let them out on an orientation poop flight - they were fine.

I did put the seat belts around them as well and the boxes could not move - they were in the back passenger seats - the lap strap holds them well


A few months ago I carried 4 nucs from Toowoomba to Mullumbimby in my motor home. I was planning to stop every half hour to provide a change of air but decided to carry them in air conditioned comfort instead. We made sure the nucs were well ventilated, with the lids, boxes and bases tied and taped securely together. The three hour trip was no problem at all.


A plan is coming together :slight_smile:


Seat belts I have. Right down top baby harnesses. Give the girls some classical and we have a road trip!


Hi Garry

I live in the Blue Mtns and woudl be seeking a 5 frame nuc come Sept, haven’t got my Flow Hive yet and expect to have it all set up and ready to go come Spring. I hope that you can help me out then.


Hi Max,
We will have nucs available around the 1st of September when we return from Almond pollination, you can contact me in mid August for an exact date,
thanks regards Garry


Hi Gary @orangebeeman.

I am located in the upper hunter and have just received my flow hive. Am I to late (weather wise) to install a package or Nuc?

Do you have any available?



If you can find a nuc or hive someone will sell then grab it BUT don’t put the flow super on as everything is slowing for winter. Get your bees going and keep the super in the shed till the next season.



Hi Amanda,
Its not too late to install a nuc into your brood box, especially if you are in Spotted Gum country as it looks very good this winter in your area, we actually have our bees in the hunter now, if you are not in the spotted gum area you can feed them on sugar syrup to fill out their brood box for the winter and add your flow hive box next spring, contact me if you want to pick up a nuc and we can arrange a day/time to meet up,
thanks regards Garry