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Can't locate a nucleus to get started


Hi everyone. Got my hybrid hive set up and ready for my small permaculture farm. Joined and attended local amateur group. Contacted a huge amount of gumtree and similarly listed nucleus suppliers. I cannot find anything around me within 500kms…I’ve even contacted a few swarm removers, but they only remove swarms to place in their own hives. I’m considering flying to Melbourne and driving a nuc 2 days back to my farm. I know this is ridiculous…but I’m really getting impatiently desperate…does anyone know of a nuc supplier who may have something available soon around the Byron/Yamba coast area of Nsw? Very willing to drive up to 500kms in any direction. Any help kindly welcomed, thankyou. Joel.


Wow! I live up here Stateside. Wish I could help you but your too far from Washington State near Seattle. You must sure live far out in the BACK. Someday if I stay healthy I’d love to visit Australia to see n experience the vastness of your great country. During the Vietnam war I chatted with few Assies who were flying thru our airfield n needed refueled.

Joel, I really do wish you luck in getting a swarm or Nuc as well as success in beekeeping.

Cheers bro,


Hi Joel, I’m at Buderim & I have some nucs available in the coming week. A few people from down your way have picked up bees from me. My phone number is in my profile if you want to give us a ring. cheers


Hi joeltaug, I bought a nuc from Jeff last year and the bees were great.

I cold possibly spare one of my nucs if you’re stuck. I’m at Mullumbimby a couple of hours North of you.


Thanks so much for your offer! That’s very kind. I’ve contacted Jeff and
committed to purchase one of his nucs this week. Finally sorted! :grin:


Cheers Gerald! I’m very jealous! Haha.



I’m so glad you got hold of Jeff n your goal to having your Nuc of Bees. Good luck for a great beekeeping season. This was my first season back to beekeeping in 55 years.

Here’s several pix’s where I’m helping in a all day bee class locally.
Cheers !



i feel sure you will go well with Buderim bees… be sure to grab some sheets of foundation from Jeff while you are at it…


Wow I feel your struggle sounds like me.But I lucked out they contacted someone who already had lots of bees so now I need to try gather one under a house am nervous but stoked at the same time. Sending you bee energy and hoping I am successful in gathering this huge hive.


Hiya NeuManaHui, good luck with your capture. As daunting as it is at first, it’s a great buzz once done and successful.


And very impressive when you do a cutout on a HUGE terra-cotta pot! :blush: