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Back veranda Weather proofing


Been getting some Nth.QLD storms of late and have found water seeping into my Ultimate Beetle Trap. I just have a chux wipe spread out in the bottom as bees a getting through my SBB. .

So with the water getting in and the bees swimming laps I made a small lean to off the back. Hoping it works.


Hi, where did you put your CHUX, I put table cloth on the Plastic slider, but the bees got through the SBB and onto the mat, bottom slot, killed heaps. Like your lean to, I made one outa the plastic, slides into the top slot, not as durable as yours.


I did have it tapped to the core flute but I got myself a Ultimate Beetle Trap which is designed to put oil in so as the bees chase the SHB into it. As my SBB is damaged the bees are getting on down too. So I have put the chux in the bottom of the tray, a couple of fridge magnets hold it in place.


Measured 215mm of rain this morning since getting back from holidays. Although there was no water in the tray the chux was soaked and a few dead bees around. So back veranda not a total hit, saying that that was a lot of rain and I wasn’t home to empty the tray.