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Base and shelf brackets for flowhive classic

Greetings all

We were generously gifted a 6 frame flow hive classic this week. We have a flow hive 2+ and would like to buy the base from the store and use it to support the classic brood box and flow super. Seeing as they are all the same Langstroth sizes I can’t see why this wouldn’t work. Would anyone like to confirm my thinking?

We also need shelf brackets for the classic. Would the ones available in the store be useable with the classic as well?

Many thanks

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Welcome Kevin! I’m interested in the answer too, tagging the Flow team @Bianca & @Freebee2


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

I bought a FH2 stand/base for my Flow hive classic (8 frame) and it does fit. What Flow will tell you (coz they told me) is that there may be some overlap of the base and the boxes. They are about 5mm different in width. The bees don’t care at all, and it doesn’t create any problems if you just centre the boxes over the stand. Honestly, it is barely noticeable, but if you were an engineer, it might trouble you greatly… :blush: :wink:


Hi @Dawn_SD and thanks for the reply. I’m no engineer so it wont bother me. Nice to see my thinking was correct, looks like I’m starting to understand this bee stuff :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if the shelving brackets will fit as well? I would assume yes although the screws are different between Flow 2+ and Flow Classic.

Again thanks for the reply

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I didn’t buy the shelves, so I am afraid that I don’t know. However, I am sure that @Bianca or some Flow employee will answer you very soon…


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Thanks for tagging me :slight_smile:

Yes, @Dawn_SD is completely correct.

For the shelf brackets, you’ll notice 2 types on the product page, USA and AU. USA is for the Flow Hive Classic cedar (very original Flow Hive) which was made in the USA, and AU is for Flow Hive Classic Aracauria and complete FH2 range (made in Australia). So I believe you should select the USA option.

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