Bears feeding on hive

I have been interested in beekeeping for some time and was considering making the leap when I found this product. This may be a very dumb question, so please excuse asking as I don’t see it addressed in other posts. Has anyone had issues with bears and what may be done to mitigate it? Large black bear population in area. Fairly common for them to stroll through my yard. I have not been successful at keeping them from destroying any of my birdfeeders. $20 for bird feeder few times a year is okay - not so okay with $600+ bee equip. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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There are a few bear attack aftermath posts and even videos of bears trying to gain access to hive sheds.

I think the most common and cost effective solution is an electric fence. My understanding is that you need to put the fence up BEFORE the bears taste the honey or they will grit it out and take down the fence to re-attack the hives.


Glad that’s not a problem in Western Australia.
Would it to possible to put in an electric fence “just around the hive area”. You wouldn’t want to fence in a huge area. That would be very costly indeed.
The bees will create their own “bee line”.

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