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Bee-friendly water features

Hello all! Last month, I posted a link to the solar powered fountain I ordered for my container water garden. Can’t recall where, but I wanted to follow up with a pic and my positive review of this little gizmo!

As you can see, it’s bubbling away nicely and fits the space well. It comes with several attachments to the spout, creating six possible configurations for the fountain. I have it without any attachment, thinking to conserve on evaporation that way since it’s in the high 80Fs here. It flows highest in full sun, as the motor gradually slows as dusk falls, and it is affected even by a slight shadow, like when it finds its way under a pickerel stem. It also has suction cups so you can anchor it to a surface instead of floating it. Works a treat!


Looks great @Eva! What is the approximate diameter of the solar array? I am just wondering about how big a tub I would need to float it in, plus have room for bee landing rocks etc without blocking the panels. :wink:

Thanks Dawn! I copied the specs here:

The power of solar battery:7V / 1.4W
The size of solar panel power: 160mm*25mm
Maximum water height: 30-50 cm
Max flow quantity of pump:160L/h


Very helpful @Eva, thank you. I think I need a 14 to 18" tub to make it work the way I have in mind. May take a while, I am slow with new projects. :blush:

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This is pretty cool @Eva, just found it on eBay and bought one for $13. Couldn’t help myself. I paid a lot of money and spent far too much time building a frog pond a few years back and the fountain just kept breaking down, so I am gonna put one of these little beauties in instead…:grinning: I do like the little lilly pads too… good for landing bees


TCCSTAR Solar Fountain,Floating Solar Pump Bird Bath Fountain Self powered For Garden and Patio Watering (Black)

Purchased mine from Amazon $14,99. Is working great, only works in full sun though.


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It looks so nice, Eva. I just wanted to ask you which brand of solar fountains do you use. I also want to buy one for my garden

Hi there Vincent! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the compliment :blush:

I think the little fountain I bought was called Solartec? Can’t recall for sure. Looks like @Dan_C mentioned one he got too - bet there are some similar choices to browse.

Gosh, my ‘bucket pond’ was so clear and fresh when I first posted! It’s still going strong, but looking at this original pic I think I need to tidy it up next spring :sweat_smile:

Solatec? That must be this. I find them to be appreciated. I will order it today. Thank you!

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