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Bee hive assembly


I was slightly surprised when I first found out the hives did not come preassembled but I read a little about it and I’m somewhat handy and I asked if the hives would come predrilled and thank goodness you said yes because that seemed like the hardest part,
Now I’m reading the backyard beekeeper and I’m scared about the assembly process even predrilled! Can you ship them premised for a fee? My delivery is set for December


Pre assembled for a fee?


What did back yard bee keeper say? Because really, hive assembly is a little tedious, but it isn’t difficult. If you have a screwdriver, screws, wood glue, and a finish of some sort, tung oil or paint are the usual’s, then you are set to start building your hive! And there will be support here I am sure ; -)


If you can assemble a piece of furniture from walmart, target, or Ikea, you can do it. There is no cutting, just using a screwdriver or drill to insert screws. You should check it to make sure your corners are square with a carpenters square but I have used a piece of printer paper to check square when I was in a pinch with nothing else.


Seriously though, its dead easy. If you need step by step instructions, we should be able to help here or point you in the right direction via Youtube, dozens of beekeepers have gone before us.


It’s dead easy…and as you progress in the craft you will find yourself fine tuning and tweaking your kit…
I have changed from bottom to top beespace, have changed floors to underfloor entrance, have deepened the floors adding a removable metal tray so I can vape Oxalic acid and have made insulated feeding ekes to take rapid feeders and fondant. the list will become endless as will the space you will need. More sheds anyone?


We had considered shipping hives pre assembled but logistics and shipping costs were more expensive. We will endeavor to make them as easy as possible to assemble with a full instruction manual. I’m sure the offer of a beer to a builder friend may be a good option if you don’t feel confident to assemble it your self.


Thank you I am relived, the book made it sound hard! Keep your fingers crossed for me!




It is the dozens of beekeepers that have gone before me with all their knowledge that scare me. I know that when we put it together it is designed with years of experience but seeing people wanting to customize is a bit over my head :slight_smile: . I trust when I put it together as a beginner I am putting together the best and correct method.


Hi Neuman, I have one tip for you, if you can borrow a couple of clamps to pull the corners nice & tight before nailing or screwing.


No need to feel overwhelmed, there’s a lot to know but if you take it on in bite sized chunks you’ll be fine and the putting together of the hive assembly is straightforward, just make sure you use a square for your corners to ensure the box angles are 90 degrees.


If you haven’t seen it, there is an assembly video on our website and the Flow™ hive will come with assembly instructions that should explain the process.