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Help someone build a hive


Can you help someone else build a hive? If so, please put your details below.
Where are you located?
Town/City, State, Country :slight_smile:

We have lots of people asking for help, and unfortunately we can’t pre-assemble and ship hives.
This could be a good way to share your skills. If you don’t have a hive, maybe you can share your skills, and they can share their hive.

Anything is possible, lets create a positive Flow Community :slight_smile:




Willing to help.

Dawn in San Diego, CA, USA.

I have lots of tools to make it go well, so best if you are willing to come to me! :slight_smile: Send a PM if you need help.


Thanks Dawn :slight_smile: :bee:


I’ve seen a few adds in gumtree for Flow hive assembly, not sure of the cost though it may have included bees.
The boxes I purchased from Flow all went together really easily so I would have no problem helping anyone from my area who would like assistance.
I’m in the hills east of Perth, West Australia.
I am a first year newbee so am still a bit green bee wise…


Penrith NSW
PM if help needed


Happy to assemble flow hives in Mullumbimby NSW.


Happy to help. Lithgow, NSW and surrounds.



I have a SMALL woodshop ! It would have to be at my place. My wife had Musclar Dystrophy so I don’t get far from the home shack !

Renton, Washington… USA … I wouldn’t mind a couple helps during our long winter …


P.S. Availibity would depend on how my sweetie is …


Happy to help, Southport
Gold Coast Australia, PM your details, Dave


Melbourne, VIC Australia…more than happy to help.


Be careful about @Ogre’s help… You may end up with hive walls that are over 3cm thick. They will look beautiful though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only joking. To my eye, he is a master craftsman and anyone helped by him in building a hive will have a truly quality finish.


Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Woodworking is one of my hobbies and I have a reasonable workshop at home. (My wife thinks it’s more than reasonable, but as I like to tell her, he who dies with the most tools wins)


Hi. Ken from Nerang Gold Coast. Purchasing a Flow Hive shortly but doing some “learnin” first.Keen to see other Hives in operation. May call on you for tips as I progress. Have visited a nice guy Dave here on the coast who has been very helpful also. Keen to hear from you. Ken


I am a first year beekeeper and have built two flow hives.
Living near Toodyay in Western Australia.
Happy to help.


Willing to help out in the Peoria Illinois area