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Monitoring Temp and Humidity


Hi all I’ve been interested in monitoring what I think were important parameters in my hives. I recently built a couple of long hives (non flow) with a friend and we got talking about what was available to monitor temp, humidity and weight. We wanted to use something robust and well priced. In the end we bought some wireless tags and have inserted them in the long hives at different locations. They measure both temp and humidity. They seem fairly good. Below is a link to the two tags in my long hive that I installed today. We are just starting to work through a wifi scale for weight measurement.


My friend has taken a much more “aggressive” approach to insulation and has 5 tags in and around his hive. His were installed yesterday.



How much did it cost you?


Base station was $39 and can be used with any number of tags. Pack of 5 tags are $29 ea but they do 5 packs that are a little cheaper. You can get different tags with/without logging etc and they are a little more. Battery is user changeable too.


Hey Adam, do you have a link to the product specs? I’m interested to see what you come up with for Scales, please keep us posted on your progress.


Mike we are working with WiFiscales to get two load cells onto their system. That way we can put them either end of the long hive and get an accurate weight. But would work better than the current single for traditional Lang’s as well. Will max out at 200kg and have a 45g resolution. It doesn’t lock you into a service and for home use just runs off your wifi network.

Just need to see longevity of the wireless tags. We should be able to integrate the outputs from the tags and scales.

Will keep.you updated.