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Bee keepers in Esperance WA


Anyone in Esperance WA area with a flow hive?


Hey Bro,

Use to work up there in your area for old Washington Natural Gas. I grew between Renton n Issaquah. I do have a Flow-Hive here ! I didn’t get it until first of July which was too late for my colony to do much with the Flow-Super this year. Not sure if I’m the closest Flow or not but I’m here. Here’s a pic or two !

Hope this give you an idea of my small beeyard.



Western Australia is not very close to you but thanks for the answer, enjoyed looking at your pictures, I only just realised that the flow hive is a super that goes on top of brood boxes!
Lot to learn



Your correct ! But that abbreviation could have been an area near me. WA is also the symbol for the State of Washington… Where I live. Guess I can’t help … This forum is international in scope so did understand your brief note. Sorry ! Happy beekeeping Downunder ! I’ll have to do a google search to find your region.

Good luck,


Gill, found your region … At least on a map ! What does your region like ? Urban, hills, plain, etc. ??


Very rural, pop. 30000, very beautiful and good farmland, fantastic beaches.


I can second the fantastic beaches :sunglasses:


I third the beautiful beaches, some of the best in the world.
It’s just the icebergs you need to look out for. :wink:
I’ve not seen anyone from Espy on the forum but there are a few around the Albany area.


You need to watch out for the Great White sharks too!
I have found two people with flow hives but one has no bees yet and the other hasent assembled their hive yet! Local bee keepers tell me our honey crystallises too quickly for a flow hive, we will see if I can win one!