QLD Australia Flow Hive Beekeepers!

Hoping to connect with local beekeepers and help others in QLD do the same.

I’m from Ipswich, QLD and will be getting our Flow Hive in September.

Hi there we are from Graceville and getting ours in December.

Hi Guys I’m at Sunrise Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We’re getting our hive in December and I have a head full of questions as I’m a complete newbie, although I have been reading as much as possible.

Hi Jeff as I’m also on the Sunshine Coast and a completely new to bee keeping , can you direct me to a reputable bee keeping supplier in our area. I have found a couple but am interested in any recommendations you may have. I’m also looking to find where I can get bees to start my hive going. I’m expecting my hive to arrive in December. Many Thanks.

Hi Heron,
I"m in Cooroy. I"m also a newbie and will be getting a flow hive in Dec. I"ve been helping a friend with their hives in Cooran for a year now, but it still feels like a big undertaking getting my own. Planning on eventually getting two conventional and one flow hive on my garage roof !! I have lots of prep to do throughout this winter, before the spring. I hope to get bee’s from Cooran.

I am in Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast. I"m almost a newbie and welcome sharing info with other local keepers. I get my flow hive in Dec and plan to get to conventional hives as well.

Burnett Beekeeping have a great looking website…also friends of mine have happily been using Quality beekeeping supplies out of Bris

I stopped going to the bloke in Brisbane after he offered me $5 for my wax while Burnett was offering $8.80. I had over 200 kilos of wax, so the saving was quite substantial plus the foundation was more superior.

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another plus for Burnett, their a small family business and they use Hoop pine, which I believe is a native tree

Yes for sure James. I’ve only been there once, I found them to be really nice people.

G’day James, great to hear from you. I have lived in both Cooroy and Cooran over the years. Both beautiful parts of the world.

Hi James, I am a Newbie and have my flow hive up and running. Would love to find a close by connection for a bit of advise now and then Like today I am wondering what my bees a doing…

And here are my flow frame that I installed about 3 weeks ago.

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Good to hear of another flow framer nearby. I"m happy to share thoughts/ideas.

I performed my first hive split a couple of weeks ago, which I am watching every day, I had a look in and the girls have made queen cells…Now i am on the look out for drones and a queen flying around mating.

I"m in Cooran on Friday. Myself and two others and a gang of children are going to extract some honey from a hive on the east side of Cooran, just off Queen St. I can pop around if that works ? mid morning ? Or another time.

I’m living in town in Cooroy, pop around hear to, if you’d like to talk bees

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Thanks James, I’ll sms your mobile.

Hey all, I’m new to all this beekeeping have my flow constructed. I’m located in the Whitsunday 's.

Hi Guys
My name is Stan Edwards and I’m an amature bee keeper from Toowoomba QLD.
I have nucs for sale. 4 frames of healthy bees and a young queen $100. Nuc box extra. Happy to help you where I can.
I can have a pick up point in Brisbane if required.
Happy bee keeping.
PM me if you would like to get in touch.

I populated my nuc with bees last night. As i am on a steep hill i decided that i needed to add a few extra wooden ‘clips’ to keep the hive together. Has anyone else found that the hive moves very easily? There seems to be a negative perception of the Flow System from established keepers, the guy I got my hive off seemed to be happier as mine was the first one he had seen.

For those people who have already got their hive producing I would love to come and have a look, just to make sure that I have got mine correct. Nothing like looking at the real deal instead of a video.

Thanks in advance


Hi All.
I’m in Sunrise Beach. We’ve ( Heron and I) got our brood box up and running with our nuc.
Complete newbs so any sharing of info would be appreciated. We got our bees from Jeff and did a hands on lesson with him. It was really helpful. If anyone local is keen to meet up and talk bees, get in touch.

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Hi Stan,

I suspect you have already sold this nuc however I have a flow hive arriving in Feb some time and was wondering if you have any others for sale coming up or now of anyone who might. I am in Brisbane but am prepared to travel.


Hello everyone, I live in Noosaville. I haven’t got my hive yet ,(not till March) but I thought I should start researching now. I am very keen to connect with local flowhivers to see how they are going and share info :blush: