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Bee keeping "newbee🐝"


Hi from Buderim Queensland Australia.
Have my first Flowhive no bee’s as yet. Still educating myself. Very excited by what I’ve learnt so far .


Welcome to the forum! People here are a great bunch. The key to interpreting the comments and wisdom you come across is to keep in mind that most people are not in your local area. Thus, you’ll often have to take what is said as a guide and adapt the advice to suit your local area and your own bees.

Looking forward to your contributions!


Thanks Alan. I am just absorbing and assimilating all the information I can
at the moment. Very interested in how people all over the world do things
with their hives.


Oh my, Buderim is taking over the Universe (of bees!). :smile:

@JeffH is probably just over the hill from you… (Sorry Jeff and Wilma, couldn’t resist the double meaning). :blush:


Hi there, welcome to the forum. hope you enjoy being here