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Bee Photographs

Wait until you pull that plastic off after a few weeks, you’ll find tons of snails. I did this in a similar sized area for my dahila garden and it was snail city, but that’s ok.

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Then I will have happy birds until the snails are gone :smile:

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Hi gapey. Gosh I love those hives you’ve built. And the colours are beautiful. Well done!

Sooo cool and a bit intimidating. A real “bee storm”!

Hi Gayle, I really like your hive bench, and the water basin is great. In regards to the planned wildflowers, I found that my bees don’t like to forage really close to their hives. I started out with the hives under my orchard trees, and they saw very little action. I was at the ABF conference this January past, and one speaker said that if feeding bees you should place the communal pollen or sugar feeders 50 metres away from the hives. Let me know if your bees do work the new wildflowers. Cheer, Brucekiwi

One month in and time to inspect the hives for the first time. One hive extremely strong and thriving, but the second weak and without a queen. I have no idea what happened to her, but they are already trying to rear another. I will order a new queen for this weak hive with hopes to revive it.

Here are some pics of the healthy hive. I tasted some of the honey and it is magnificent.


This is one of my bees favorite watering holes, a leaky spigot in my backyard.


Yup it’s a macro lens.


Shot of a bee close to home on Grevillea, you can see the nectar droplets on the end of some of the stamens.



Pic taken last summer.


Early spring flowers bee’s enjoying a browse


Those are great photos Peter, thanks for sharing.

Hi Greg, those bees are loving that, is that some sort of succulent?

Fresh drawn comb from our National hive. Looks so perfect…


Hiya Jeff, it’s a globe artichoke flower.

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Ah wow, I can see that now, looking at the one to the left of it. I have some dragon fruit growing, the flowers are only open for a couple of hours in the morning, if the bees find them, they go berzerk on them. That’s always great to watch. Thanks Greg, bye

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Hi, this is my first post in the forums.I intended posting in the introductions but have ended up here and just felt like sharing this photo from in my garden…


Wow, that’s beautiful, that looks like a dragon fruit flower. The bees are loving that:)

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