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Bee Suit: Delivery Estimate?


If I order a 5XL suit to be delivered to Connecticut in the US, from where is it shipped and when should it be shipped?

Thank you.



Sending point is going to depend on your vender or supplier of where you order ! And what brand it is. I’d get hold of your vender with that question. If you have a locate bee equipment supplier … He might have one on hand. I bought all three of my XL from my supplier direct. Hope that answer helps ?! Gerald.


Thank you Gerald. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

This was meant to be directed to the Flow Hive customer service folks.


You probably need to ask @Faroe or @MartinB - they seem to deal with customer service and order flow.


Thank you Dawn.

@MartinB or @Faroe please advise.


All Suits are currently in stock and ship immediately. CT would come from IL warehouse